Creating a new website that accurately represents all aspects of my rapidly evolving photographic business has required plenty of planning and organisation. My first website was starting to look quite rusty with its old portfolios (mostly shot on film), the distinct lack of social networking and an inability to offer prints, and now ebooks for sale. That has all been updated and this site now allows for easy ordering with its new shopping cart.

Commercial assignment news

I have recently completed additional work for the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Last year we shot the new food compendium which included about 700 individual shots of all the various catering options available to conference organisers. I wanted to give the food a clean and fresh contemporary look to highlight the great food that the Centre offers. The shoot took some organising with the the large number of specialised ingredients needed for the one-off dishes prepared for the photography. They have a great procurement department and the teams had to work closely together to order the food on time for the planned shoot day. Working at the centre has been a real eye opener to the way that conferences and big events are catered for as they often do meals for thousands of delegates. The kitchen is rather large!  Their new website allows them to show each item, for example of a main meal, an entree, canape or dessert to a conference or

Latest projects: Chakras…The Deep Soul of India

  I am currently putting the finishing touches on a long term personal project. I have made several trips to India in the last couple of years to shoot the backgrounds for some large interpretations of the Chakras. It has been a simultaneous inner and outer journey. The outer travel part took me into the depths of India from Bundi, the magical Kipling town in southern Rajasthan; the ancient kingdom of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh to the Chinese border mountain scenery of Badrinath; then along The Ganges river to the holy towns of Haridwar, Rishikesh, Allahabad and Varanasi. Subsequently I have spent hours of computer time blending and comping all these images in Photoshop.  Creating the overall look and feeling for the images took a concerted effort and lots of experimentation. The breakthrough came via a chance accident whilst playing around with some layers and I have now applied this feel to all the work. One of the images has more than a thousand components. Plans for the the show are now under way. It will have a different format from the average photo exhibition as I plan to make it a multidimensional experience in keeping with the nature of the subject. I will announce the dates and venue shortly.