The stock industry has changed to the point that it is no longer viable for me to be represented by a major photo library. The returns aren’t sufficient to warrant the considerable amount of work and expense needed to create good stock photography. Ironically, the business models and contracts of the main agencies have shut out many of their core suppliers. However, the very thing that has caused the demise of the traditional stock agency (the internet) has created the opportunity for photographers to represent themselves.

The Australian stock agency Photolibrary was my agent for 20 years before they were bought by Getty Images. Since then my focus has been on developing other areas of my work as it was not worth signing with Getty. I can now start to rebuild my stock collections knowing that I have a sales outlet for them that keeps all my work under one roof, allowing clients to license groups of images shot in a consistent style.

This collection is only a very small sample of my stock library. I will be adding more images and galleries regularly now I have the basis of it set up. All the stock images previously held by Photolibrary will be edited and added to this site. I will be posting new addition images on social media.

I have also decided to start with a simple editorial flat rate usage price. If any other usage is required please email us with the details and we will send you a quote. All images will be sized in the 35-110MB range.

Please note that all stock images are also available as prints

Click on the thumbnails to open the collections: