Transformation: A Spiritual Journey in the Royal National Park
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Transformation: A Spiritual Journey into the Royal National Park


Inspiration for the the black and white series Transformation came after I read Autobiography of a Yogi by the renowned Indian saint Paramahansa Yogananda. For some time I had been thinking of ways to outline the path to enlightenment with metaphoric light and dark figurative elements in a landscape that sits in the erosion zone at the interface of land and sea.

The Sydney basin was a massive alluvial delta in the Triassic era 200 million years ago that has created the sedimentary sandstone geology covering the whole region including all of the Royal National Park which sits on the southern outskirts of Sydney. Coastal erosion provided me with ideal visual material evocative of the gradual personal transformation process.

I did many trips to the park to research the locations and shoot the images. I have recently finished writing this ebook which outlines and expands the series, including a very personal account of my own inner journey of awakening. The images are also available as posters and stand alone prints in various media.