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Chakras: The Deep Soul of India


To accompany the chakra series I have produced a 93 page image rich ebook that outlines the philosophy, planning, travel, photography and postproduction of the work. As the title suggests, this was an inner and outer journey into the heart of Indian culture and its deep spiritual heritage.

Creating the complex final images and this book tested all my abilities as a photographer, traveller, writer, illustrator, designer and spiritual seeker. Amongst other things I had to teach myself new skills like Adobe Illustrator and extend my knowledge of Photoshop and Indesign.

The sample pages here are designed to give you an idea of how much information and photography is packed into the book. I hope they will stimulate your curiosity enough for you to want to buy the book because it will appeal to the photographer, traveller and philosopher in you. On top of that, you get to enjoy all the images and illustrations, travelogues, tips and background story of a work that has had a lot of heart and soul put into it.