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Sample page


Sample page

The Transformation series was created in the early nineties as part of my desire to explore the way that photography can be used to tell the story of awakening using landscapes and figurative shapes as metaphor. The exhibited work didn’t really strike many chords back then, but after learning how to do layouts with Indesign, I decided to write and illustrate a book to give the series another airing in a time when world consciousness is going through a quantum shift.

To bring it up to date I went back to the Royal National Park to shoot new images and found the same beauty that had drawn me there in the first place. This time, however, I wasn’t limited by the need to add figurative elements to my pictures, nor was I encumbered with such heavy equipment. I could just wander the trails and what I call the rock art galleries that characterise the erosion zone along the coastal fringe. Then by adding a personal background I have allowed the work to parallel my own experience. My photographic work always seems to follow my own consciousness growth.

The happy by-product of this process has been the creation of a whole new set of images that are available in the Gallery section under “Rock”. Having the freedom to just take photographs without the constraints of the original work’s ideas and goals has opened new creative doors.