I am a professional photographer and writer based in Sydney, Australia. My photo career has been a long one, starting as an assistant to several London photographers including pioneering food photographer, Anthony Blake, and special effects guru, Ray Massey.

Photographic background

I studied Chemistry, Maths and Geology at Reading University, a red brick university just outside London. In my second year I realised that I was not aligned to my great love of the visual arts, and after seeing an image of a breaking wave in one of John Hedgecoe’s old “how to” photo books, I immediately decided to pursue a career in photography. After graduation (in chemistry), I moved to London to start building my photographic experience, taking a money job as a research assistant in the physics department of Imperial College whilst ploughing through the shelves of the Royal College of Art library down the street. Three years later I felt ready to start in the business, enrolling in an applied photography course at the London College of Printing to get clear about the direction of my work. With the fierce competition for photo assisting jobs, it took some time before I had my foot in the door as a second assistant to a car photographer.

Professional career

Turning professional in London after some time freelance assisting, I began working on UK titles like Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Building and various other architectural and arts magazines before relocating to Sydney to start from scratch down under. It didn’t take long before some opportunities opened up and I soon found myself busy with advertising, corporate, design and direct commercial clients. That was followed by regular work on cookbook titles including the international award winning Food of France and Food of Italy for Murdoch Books.

More recently I have worked with Australian magazine titles like Australian Good Taste, Belle, Better Homes and GardensDelicious, Gardening Australia, Handyman, House and Garden, Woman’s Day and Your Garden shooting mainly lifestyle editorial assignments including food, gardens, people, still life, interiors with studio and location photography.

Personal work

Despite loving my commercial work, my real passion is my ongoing personal projects. Personal and commercial work do feed off each other both technically and creatively as they present quite different challenges and opportunities to grow as an artist and technician. The passion behind my own expression is fuelled by a desire to make a contribution to evolving consciousness. This is by no means an easy thing, and I have spent the last four years working on the most challenging series of images I have ever undertaken. Given that the frontiers of the outer world have been well explored and interpreted, Iceland being a notable recent example, perhaps the inner universe is the next step for artistic exploration.

Using the ancient landscape and culture of India and mixing it with the advanced digital technology we now have for creating and manipulating imagery, I have created a series about the body’s esoteric energetic system called: Chakras, the Deep Soul of India (with an accompanying ebook).

My other bodies of work in this vein include the series Transformation (also with an ebook), Lifeforce and Sahaja and going forward I am planning  new projects for 2015 whilst continuing to show and promote the Chakras series.